And get ready to start bringing on ideal clients that ‘close’ themselves

Transform Your Discovery Calls Into a 
Client-Booking Machine
(Free) Masterclass
Tuesday, July 27th at 4pm EST
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With Lois Weinblatt, Leadership Coach & Founder of True North Visionaries
Are you getting too many “maybes”, losing prospects on price or feeling “salesy” on your discovery calls? 
Leave this masterclass with a proven framework you can tailor to your own business and put into action so you’ll know exactly what to say and do in your discovery calls to bring on ideal clients that ‘close’ themselves.

If your discovery calls or free consultations aren’t consistently turning into paying clients (and I’m talking about the kind of ideal clients that you really love working with), I have a feeling it’s draining your energy, wasting valuable time and keeping you, and your income, stuck below your potential. 

Usually, this is where I'd tell you I know that feeling from experience, 
but the truth is, I don't!
Let's take your discovery calls from unpredictable to consistently converting
During this Masterclass you'll discover how to:
  • Bring on ideal clients that 'close' themselves so you never have to overcome an objection again.

  • Turn your pricing into a client-attraction magnet instead of the elephant in the room so you can confidently charge what you're worth.

  • Lead discovery calls with ease and ditch the funky buyer/seller dynamic so you can book clients on repeat.
Over 7 years ago I created a unique discovery call framework that has helped me grow a profitable, six-figure business as a one-woman show without fancy funnels, a long list of leads or an ad budget.

After this masterclass you'll be equipped with:
  • The word-for-word opening I use to lead every discovery call with confidence and put my prospects at ease.

  • The exact, step-by-step framework I take prospective clients through so that they 'close' themselves. 

  • The specific steps to easily tailor this  framework to your business so you'll know exactly how to implement it and turn your discovery calls into a client-booking machine
...and now I'm giving it away for free because it's too good to keep to myself!
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